We help our clients maximise their cash flow by buying their unpaid receivables.

About Engrosso

Engrosso is a Belgium-based firm, operating since 2023. Engrosso invests in various portfolios unpaid receivables and aims to increase its investment and structure in the BeNeLux and France. In 2023, Engrosso bought several portfolios of unpaid receivables for a total value of over 3 MLJ euros. Engrosso is fully committed to purchasing new portfolios in 2024. The goal is to triple the value purchased compared to last year.

Engrosso's target market

Engrosso's target market are companies in Belgium and liquidators of Belgian companies in bankruptcy who are looking to improve their cash flow / the estate of the bankruptcy by selling portfolios unpaid receivables - once or at regular intervals - with a nett value of 5K to 1,500K.

Why Engrosso

Engrosso understands that customers are the engine of any business and that creating a new customer requires a greater investment than retaining an existing one. Engrosso therefore guarantees a quality collection procedure respectful of each debtor and mindful of the customer's image in order to minimise churn. A customer who eventually pays remains a good customer or ambassador.

 Recently acquired portfolios:

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